Access agency dashboards

Agency dashboards provide you with a visual display of key metrics and performance indicators. More than one dashboard can be accessed by an agency or agent.

Access agency dashboards

To access agency dashboards, log in as an agent or agency and:

  1. Select the Reports module. The Dashboards tab will automatically open within the Reports module.
  2. By default, the Agency Experience dashboard appears first.
  3. To view the CSR Dashboard, select the arrow next to Agency Experience to open the dropdown list.
  4. Select CSR Dashboard from the dropdown list.

Usage considerations

If you’re logged in as an agent, and the advanced setting policy-go-to is set to agent, you will be able to view the key metrics and performance indicators of only your policies. If the policy-go-to advanced setting is set to agency, you will be able to view information on the entire agency. Agency groups don’t have access to dashboards.