Access and add reusable components

Reusable components are modular sections of a template that can be reused across multiple templates. Examples of reusable components include default headers, footers, and signatures. Reusable components are designed as regular templates. To access reusable components:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Documents.
  2. Under Explore Templates, select the Global Templates folder; this is where reusable components are saved.
  3. You can customize additional reusable components by creating a new template and saving it to the Global Templates folder for reuse.

As a best practice, we recommend saving new reusable components in the Global Templates folder for ease of reference.

To add a new reusable component to a template:

  1. Create a new template or edit an existing template.
  2. Select the Editor tab.
  3. Select the reusable components you want to add under Available Functions.

Some available functions in BriteDocs are:

  • include: Includes a template such as Default Header, Default Footer, and Signature.
  • asset: Includes an existing asset such as a Company Logo.
  • extend: “Extends” another template by inserting it first. When the template system evaluates this tag, first it locates the parent and inserts it. The extends tag should be the first tag in the template.
  • get field answer: Loads the value of any field.