Acord AL3 setup

BriteCore supports AL3 files. ACORD, which implements AL3, requires users to sign in for more information on AL3 files on their site. AL3 messages handle the transmission of insurance information such as policies and claims.

To set up the Acord AL3 integration:

  1. Go to the vendor’s table.
  2. Activate AL3 vendor.
  3. Run command:
    bin/ set_server_options –port 30022 –host <Input host site> –user britecore –password <input password> –remotloc_name REMOTLOC –remotloc_extension DAT –method sftp –import_dir /export –export_dir /import
  4. Run command:
    bin/ set_al3_spec –use_path al3_spec.yaml
  5. Run command:
    bin/ build_all –skip-export
  6. A zip file should display at /uploads/vendors/al3.

    Note: Unzip the file to determine if the command was successful; it should contain .DAT and .XFR files.

  7. Download the al3_spec.yaml file to BriteCore directly.

For more information, see README.