Add a carrier

A carrier is an organization that designs and holds insurance policies. Insurance payments are sent to the carrier and in the event of a covered loss, claims payments come from the carrier. You can add a carrier in the Contacts module.

To add a carrier, open the desired contact and:

  1. In the Role section, select Add a Role to open the Role dialog box.
  2. In the Role dropdown list, select Carrier.
  3. Select Done to close the dialog box and return to the Role section.
  4. Select Save beneath the Role dropdown list. A Save Completed pop-up window will open.
  5. In the Username box, type the username for the contact in the Carrier role that will be used to log in.
  6. In the Email Confirmation To box, type the carrier’s email address.
  7. In the Password box, type the password that will be used with the username to log in.
  8. In the Retype Password box, retype the password to confirm it is entered correctly. If the passwords don’t match, a Warning pop-up window will open. Select OK or X to close the pop-up window.
  9. In the Permission Level dropdown list, select the carrier’s permission level from the list. See Role Permissions for more information.
  10. In the Default State dropdown list, select the state where the carrier is based. This is a required field.
  11. In the Timezone dropdown list, select the time zone where the carrier is based. This is a required field.
  12. In the Zendesk Email box, type the email address the carrier will associate with the Zendesk account. See Zendesk for more information.
  13. In the NAIC Number box, type the carrier’s NAIC number.
  14. When you’re finished entering information, select Save. A Save Completed pop-up window will open. If you select Cancel, BriteCore won’t save the entered information.