Step 5 – Add a claimant in the Claims module

A claimant is either a first-party (named insured) claimant or a third-party claimant. When a claim is linked to a policy, the named insured on the policy is considered to be one of the claimants. The named insured will appear on the Contacts tab of the claim under Named Insured. If there are additional claimants associated with the claim, you can add them in the Claimant(s) section of a claim’s Contacts tab.

You can add claimants in both the Contacts and Claims modules, but the claimant will be linked to a specific claim when added in the Claims module. To add a claimant in the Contacts module, see Add a claimant.

To add a claimant, open the desired claim and:

  1. Select Contacts in the claim’s menu or select the Contacts tab.
  2. Navigate to the Claimant(s) section.
  3. Select the green + next to Add Another Claimant. A Name box will appear.
  4. In the Name box, type the claimant’s name.
  5. To add another claimant, select the + Add Another Claimant button and repeat step 4.

Usage consideration

To view the claimant’s contact information, select the blue person icon next to the claimant’s name. BriteCore will direct you to the claimant’s Information screen in the Contacts module.