Add a contact’s employer

In the Information tab of an individual contact, you can enter the contact’s employment information, such as their employer.

To add a company:

  1. Select the Edit link below Company to open the Company box.
  2. In the Company box, type the contact’s employer.
    • If the employer name already exists as a contact in BriteCore, a dropdown list of matching contacts will appear. If this occurs, select the correct contact from the dropdown list.
    • Continue to step 3 if a matching contact doesn’t appear.
  3. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard.
    • If the name you typed is similar to a contact that exists in BriteCore, the Did You Know? dialog box will open. A list of possible matching contacts will display. If an existing contact matches the name you entered, select that contact. If you don’t see a contact that matches the name you entered, select Create New Contact to complete the New Contact dialog.
  4. The New Contact dialog box will open. Complete the New Contact dialog box. See Complete the New Contact dialog box for an individual.