Add a custom deliverable

In custom deliverables, you can create documents that use cases not included in the stock deliverables. You can also create a custom deliverable to run in place of a stock deliverable. To add a custom deliverable:

  1. Log in to your BriteCore account.
  2. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  3. From the Settings menu, select Deliverables.
  4. Select a state from the State dropdown list under Mass Deliverables. The Stock Deliverables and Custom Deliverables associated with that state will display.
  5. Scroll to the Custom Deliverables section. Select the plus sign icon next to Add a Custom Deliverable.
  6. Scroll to the last row of the Custom Deliverables table and select the pencil icon to edit.
  7. Type your custom deliverable title in the Custom Deliverable Name box. The default name is Custom Deliverable [#].

    Note: If you create a custom deliverable with the same name as an existing stock deliverable, the custom version will be generated rather than the stock version. This allows you to create custom versions of your stock deliverables.

  8. Select Policies or Claims in the dropdown list in This is a [type] deliverable.
  9. Choose the default print state in the Default print state dropdown list. The choices are Do Not Print or tbd.
  10. Select the appropriate checkboxes for related options. The checkboxes include:
    1. Print with Initial Declarations.
    2. Print with Renewal Declarations.
    3. Built in HTML/CSS.
  11.  If you select Built in HTML/CSS, a new text box appears allowing you to enter your HTML code for your deliverable.
    1. Select the checkbox Requires User Input (will be gathered at generation) if applicable.
  12. Select the plus icon next to Add a Text Area to add content to the Text Area block. You have a limit of 65,535 characters.
    1. Select the Help link to view a list of HTML tags you can use to add dynamic content to the deliverable. Samples of HTML tags available include:
      • {adjuster}
      • {adjuster_phone}
      • {agency}
      • {agent}
      • {agent_phone}
      • {current_expiration_date}
      • {inception_date}
      • {insured}
      • {insured_address}
      • {past_due}
      • {payoff_amount}
      • {policy_status}
      • {policy_type}
      • {return_premium_reason}
      • {todays_date}
      • {submit_bound}
      • {withdraw_date}
    2. Select the checkbox Allow Text Area to Page Break If Necessary. This is recommended to prevent formatting issues during printing.
  13. Select the plus icon next to Add a Signature Block to add text to the Signature Block.
    1. Type text in the Optional Introductory Blurb text box. You have a limit of 60 characters.
    2. Add a Signature Label/Type in the text box. You have a limit of 60 characters.
    3. Select the checkbox to Use Uploaded Signature Graphic.
  14. Under Options, select the checkbox Allow agents/agencies to generate this deliverable in BriteQuote if applicable.
    1. If selected, the user will be able to generate the deliverable via the Custom Deliverable button displayed in BriteQuote.
  15. Select Save at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.
  16. Select Preview at the top of the screen to preview your deliverable.
    1. A pop-up window will appear that states Viewing the preview will save this deliverable. Do you wish to proceed? Select OK to confirm or Cancel if you don’t want to continue.