Add a new custom page

To  add a new custom page:

  1. Log in to the Provider Administrator portal.
  2. Select your tile.
  3. Select Custom Pages in the sidebar.
  4. Select + Add page.
  5. Type the page title in the Page Title box. This is the page name that will display to users.
  6. Type the page identifier in the Page Identifier box. This is a unique part of the page URL that will show in the browser’s navigation bar. It isn’t visible to users.
  7. Slide the Page Display Order slider to set the page order for the custom page. This value determines the order that the page will display in the navigation menu. The higher the value, the higher up in the menu the page will display.
  8. Toggle the Page Type to Draft or Published. If set to Draft, the custom page will not appear to the user. If it is set to Published, the custom page will appear to the user.
  9. Toggle the Page Availability to Enrolled Users or Public Users. This setting controls whether the page can be viewed on the Login / Sign Up screen and/or when logged in on the dashboard. If Enrolled Users is selected, the custom page will only display in the left navigation of the Policyholder portal. If Public Users is selected, the custom page will display on the Login / Sign Up screen as well as in the left navigation of the Policyholder portal.
  10. Type or paste the page content in HTML content box. Any standard HTML content can be used here, including Markup, Javascript, and styles.
  11. Select Save.

Note: Administrators won’t have access to this dashboard. Please contact the BriteApps team if you want to create a custom page.