Add an injury

On the Injuries screen of a claim file, you can add additional injuries. When you add an injury, you must be able to add the injury to a party already associated with the claim. If the party isn’t associated with the claim, add the party first. See Add new contact as a party. You can only add one injury file to an involved party. If you need to add additional injury information to a party that already has an injury listed, then you will need to edit the injury file information. See Edit Injury & Severity information.

To add an injury file on the Injuries screen:

  1. Select + Add Injury. The Add Injury dialog box will open.
  2. From the Select Injured Party dropdown list, select the injured party.
  3. From the Injury Type dropdown list, select the appropriate option. You can select only one injury type. If the type of injury is unknown, select Unknown. If there are multiple injuries, select the most severe injury, or select Other. Provide information about the injuries in the Injury Description Narrative box.
  4. From the Body Part(s) Injured dropdown list, select all body parts that were injured. You can select more than one body part.
  5. In the Injury Description Narrative box, provide further details about the party’s injury.
  6. For the Was party transported to hospital from scene? question, select Yes or No.
  7. For the Head Injury field, select Yes or No.
  8. For the Loss of Limb field, select Yes or No.
  9. For the Loss of Consciousness field, select Yes or No.
  10. For the Fatality field, select Yes or No.
  11. In the Describe any current medical conditions box, type any current medical concerns.
  12. For the Did the party have prior injuries? question, select Yes or No.
  13. In the Description of Previous Injuries box, provide details about previous injuries if you selected Yes for the Did the party have prior injuries? question.
  14. For the Medicare eligible? question, select Yes or No.
  15. In the HICN box, type the health insurance care number if you selected Yes for the Medicare Eligible? question.
  16. Select Save.