Add an inspector

An inspector is an individual who evaluates property prior to the issuance of insurance coverage. In BriteCore, an inspector is either an individual employed by a BriteCore client or an individual who works for a BriteCore client through a vendor. You can add an inspector in the Contacts module and send manual inspection requests to a specific inspector. See Set up manual inspections for more information. You can also use an independent inspector through the vendor Mutual Inspection Bureau. See Set up Mutual Inspection Bureau.

To add an inspector, open the desired contact and:

  1. In the Role section, select Add a Role to open the Role dialog box.
  2. In the Role dropdown list, select Inspector.
  3. Select Done to close the dialog box and return to the Role section.
  4. Select Save beneath the Role dropdown list. A Save Completed pop-up window will open. No further information is needed.