Add an underwriting rule for renewal only

You can create underwriting rules for renewal only that allow users to add new coverages and change existing coverage limits during the automatic renewal process. When the rule is triggered, the change will always be effective based on the effective date of the new term.

The rule won’t override any automatically set limits or violate any line-defined minimums or maximums; it will only set the limit to the minimum or maximum value instead of going over.

Important: We don’t recommend configuring any rule that uses an automatically set limit or would attempt to put the limit above or below its minimum or maximum value.

To create an underwriting rule for renewal only:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. On the Effective Dates screen, select the applicable effective date.
  3. In the Policy Types menu, select Underwriting, and then select Rules.
  4. In the Choose a Policy Type dropdown list, select the applicable policy type.
  5. Under Underwriting Rules, select + icon next to Add Rule.
  6. On the Rules screen, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Rule Name box, type the name of the rule.
    2. In the Rule Description box, type a description of the rule.
    3. In the Category Scope dropdown list, select the category you want the rule to reference.
    4. In the Module Scope dropdown list, select the module you want the rule to apply to.
    5. In the Agency Exception dropdown list, select any agency exceptions that apply to the rule. If you select Only Applies to or Does not Apply to, then select an agency from the dropdown list to the right.
    6. Select Renewal Only.
    7. In the Valid From box, type or select a date (required).
    8. In the Valid Until box, type or select a date (optional).

      Note: If you choose not to add a Valid Until date, the rule will always remain valid.

  7. At the bottom of the screen, select Save.