Add and edit Treatment information

The Treatment section contains information about diagnoses, prognosis, and plans for treatment. You can also add hospitals/medical facilities and medical professionals to this section. See Add and remove parties from the Injuries screen.

Since the type of treatment is unknown until a medical evaluation, the Treatment information isn’t prepopulated from the first notice of loss (FNOL) or another part of the claim. All information contained within the Treatment section is added in the Treatment section of the injured party.

Manage Treatment information

To add or edit Treatment information, access the Injuries screen of the claim file and:

  1. Navigate to and select the injured party you want to add or edit the treatment information for. The Injury Details screen for that party will open.
    Figure 1: View of Treatment section before information is added.
  2. Navigate to the Treatment section and select Edit. If this is the first time adding information, the Create Treatment dialog box will open. If you’re editing information, the Edit Treatment dialog box will open and display the current information.
  3. In the Diagnosis box, type the diagnosis of the injury or injuries associated with the injured party.

    Note: Diagnosis is the terminology used to identify the party’s medical issue after examination of the party and the party’s symptoms.

  4. In the Prognosis box, type the prognosis of the injury or injuries associated with the injured party.

    Note: Prognosis is the likely course and outcome of the medical diagnosis.

  5. In the Treatment Plan box, type the plan of treatment for the medical diagnosis.
  6. Select Save.
    Figure 2: View of Treatment section after information is added. Notice the + Add Diagnosis Code button appears now that a diagnosis is added.

Manage diagnosis codes

After you fill out the Diagnosis box, Prognosis box, and Treatment Plan box in the Treatment section, you can add a diagnosis code for each identified diagnosis. If multiple diagnosis codes are added to the Treatment section, you can specify which code represents the primary injury. If an incorrect code is added, you can remove the code. 

Add diagnosis codes

To add a diagnosis code:

  1. Select + Add Diagnosis Code next to Diagnosis Code(s) in the Treatment section. The Create Diagnosis Code dialog box will open.
  2. In the Diagnosis Code box, type the ICD code of the medical diagnosis. This is a required field. If you’re unfamiliar with ICD codes, use the ICD Code Lookup link at the bottom of the Create Diagnosis Code dialog box to locate accurate and precise codes for diagnoses. See ICD code lookup below.
  3. In the Code Type box, select the version of ICD code that you’re using. This is a required field.

    Note: ICD-10 is the current version in use. The ICD-9 version is considered outdated by the medical community, and the ICD-11 version isn’t yet released.

  4. In the Diagnosis Code Description box, type the description of the ICD code used.
  5. Select Save.

ICD code lookup

If you’re unsure of what diagnosis code to type in the Diagnosis Code box, use the ICD Code Lookup link to search for ICD codes. The ICD Code Lookup is connected to Codify by AAPC out of the box, but it can be configured to direct you to your preferred service. To use the ICD Code Lookup, select ICD Code Lookup link. Your preferred service for ICD code lookup will open.

Order diagnosis codes

When you’re finished adding diagnosis codes to the Treatment section, you can organize the codes and identify the code that represents the primary injury. To order the codes:

  1. Navigate to the three lines located to the left of the diagnosis code. When you hover over these lines, the pointer becomes a hand.
    Figure 3: View of Treatment section with multiple diagnosis codes. Notice three lines to the left of each code. Notice the first diagnosis code in the list is identified as Primary Injury.
  2. Select the lines, then drag and drop the associated diagnosis code to its new location.

    Note: The first diagnosis code in the Diagnosis Code(s) list will be labeled Primary Injury. 

Remove diagnosis codes

If an incorrect code is added in the Treatment section, you can remove it from the Diagnosis Code list. To remove a code:

  1. Navigate to the diagnosis code you want to remove and select the X Remove button next to the code. The Delete Diagnosis Code box will open asking:

    Are you sure you want to delete this Diagnosis Code?

  2. Select Yes to remove the code. Select Cancel to keep the code.