Step 2 – Add coverages

Once a claim is reported, you can proceed to add coverages in the Provider Administrator portal. Coverage refers to the amount of risk or liability covered for an individual or organization. When you add coverages for a loss, you’re selecting the covered risk or liability that the claim is being filed against.

To add coverages, open the desired claim and:

  1. Navigate to the Coverages Filed Against section of the Information screen.
  2. Select the Select Coverages button, and the Select Coverages dialog box will open. The Policy ID that the claim is filed against will appear, along with the Policy and Property folders, which include specific coverages.

    Note: Coverages included within the Policy folder are liability coverages. Coverages included in the Property folder are coverages specific to the insured property.

    Figure 1: View of the Policy and Property folders within the Select Coverages dialog box.
  3. View all available coverages, by selecting the Policy > Coverages folders or Property > Location > Coverages folders.


    Figure 2: View of available coverages within the Select Coverages dialog box.
  4. Select coverages by selecting the corresponding checkbox(es).
  5. When you’re finished, select the Save button at the top of the dialog box. If you select Cancel, you will return to the Information tab without saving the information you entered.

Usage consideration

You must add coverages to a claim before you can add information in the Accounting tab. Information gathered in the Accounting tab is directly related to the coverages added to the claim.