Add dates to remember for organizations

In the Dates to Remember section of a contact’s Information tab, you can post reminders and create alerts within a contact’s Information tab. For organizations, communication between BriteCore contacts can be tracked by touchpoints.

Establish touchpoints

Prior to entering a Date to Remember, you must establish touchpoints in Settings. To view touchpoints entered into BriteCore or to add touchpoints, go to Settings > Modules > Contacts > Dates to Remember. See Touchpoints for additional information.

Add Dates to Remember

  1. Select the New link next to Dates to Remember to open the Date to Remember dialog box.
  2. In the Date boxes, type the date using the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  3. In the Touchpoint dropdown list, select the means of contact.
  4. In the Content box, type information related to the date to remember you’re adding.
  5. From the Frequency dropdown list, select a reminder frequency.
  6. In the Entered By box, ensure your name is displayed as the person entering the date to remember. If you want to make the reminder an alert, continue to step 7. If you don’t want to make the reminder an alert, move to step 11.
    Figure 1: Date to Remember created for an organization.


  7. Next to This Date to Remember is not an alert., select the exclamation point. The exclamation point will fill in red, and the message will read This Date to Remember is currently an alert.
  8. In the Alert me… box, type the number of days, weeks, or months prior to the date to remember you want to be alerted. This will accompany your selection in step 9.
  9. In the …prior to the date. dropdown list, select one of the following units: Day/s, Week/s, or Month/s. This selection will accompany the number you typed in step 8.
  10. In the Alert These Email Addresses box, type the email address(es) that will receive the alert prior to the date to remember. You can enter more than one email address by separating them with commas.
    Figure 2: Date to Remember alert for an organization.
  11. Choose one of the following:
      • Select Save and New to save the date to remember and add a new date to remember.
      • Select Save and Close to save the date to remember and return to the Information tab.

Note: If you click X in the top right of the dialog box, you will return to the Information tab without saving the information you entered.

Usage considerations

Completed reminders and alerts will appear in the Dates to Remember section of the Information tab. When creating Dates to Remember for an organization, you can select the touchpoint. Information entered for organizational contacts can be pulled into BriteData reports.

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