Add nested risk types

Nested risk types are based on a parent-child relationship, but in Lines, nested risk types create a non-inherited hierarchy, meaning the child is only associated with the parent and doesn’t inherit any data or properties from the parent.

Example: If Violations (child risk type) is nested under Driver (parent risk type), then adding violations to a quote will automatically associate them with the driver.

To add a nested risk type:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Lines.
  2. In the Lines of Business list, select the applicable line of business.
  3. On the Line Overview screen, select the applicable product.
  4. On the Product Overview screen, in the Policy Information box, select Add a Risk Type.
  5. In the Create Risk Type dialog box, complete the following steps:
    1. In the Label box, type the name of the risk.
    2. Select the Reference Name box to auto-populate a reference name based on the risk type’s label.

      Note: You can change the auto-populated Reference Name to fit your needs.

    3. In the Description box, type a description of the risk type.
    4. In the Parent Risk Type dropdown list, select the parent you want to nest the risk type under.

      Note: The risk type you’re adding will be associated with the parent but won’t inherit data or properties from the parent.

    5. Select Create Risk Type.

The risk type you added appears in the Risk Types list.