Add or edit damage information

You can add or edit the damage information of a vehicle in the Vehicle Details screen. When a loss is reported on a vehicle during FNOL, the damage information provided in the FNOL will populate in the Damage information section of that vehicle’s Vehicle Details screen.

To add or edit the damage information of a vehicle:

  1. In the Vehicle column of the Vehicles table, select the vehicle that you want to add or edit the damage information for. The Vehicle Details screen will open.
  2. Navigate to the Damage information section and select Edit. The Create/Edit Damage dialog box will open.
  3. For the question Is the vehicle drivable?, select Yes or No.
  4. For the question Was the vehicle towed from the scene?, select Yes or No.
  5. In the Vehicle current location box, type the current location of the vehicle, such as Driver’s home or Auto repair shop.

    Note: When possible, if the vehicle location isn’t at the driver’s home, include the address.

  6. From the First point of impact dropdown list, select where the impact first occurred.

    Note: You can only select one point of impact for the first point of impact.

  7. From the Damage locations dropdown list, select the areas in which damage occurred. You can select multiple areas.
  8. In the Severity section, select the severity of the damage.
  9. For the question Airbag deployed?, select Yes or No.
  10. For the question Was there a child safety seat involved?, select Yes or No.
  11. In the Please describe any pre-existing damage box, type any damage that existed to the vehicle prior to the loss.
  12. In the Please describe any damaged items within the vehicle box, type a description of the items damaged during the loss.
  13. Select Save.