Add payment method from Accounts Receivable screen

You can add payment methods to a contact in one of two ways:

  • On the Payments screen of the Contacts module.
  • On the Accounts Receivable screen of a policy.

To add payment methods on the Payments screen of the Contacts module, see Add a payment method.

To add payment methods on the Accounts Receivable screen of a policy:

  1. Access the policy you want to add the payment method to.
  2. From the policy, select Accounts Receivable to open the Accounts Receivable screen.
  3. On the Accounts Receivable screen, select Billing Setup.
  4. On the Billing Setup tab, navigate to the Recurring Billing Contact section.
  5. In the Recipient dropdown list, ensure the contact you’re adding the payment method to is displayed. If not, select the contact from the Recipient dropdown list.
  6. Next to Payment Method, select Add. The Payment Method dialog box will open.
  7. Complete the Payment Method dialog box for either ACH or credit card.
  8. Select Submit.

Usage considerations

You can access the contact’s payment information by selecting Payment Details next to Recipient in the Recurring Billing Contact section on the Billing Setup tab of the Accounts Receivable screen. The Payment Details link will direct you to the contact’s Payments screen in the Contacts module. This feature is only available when in the Provider Administrator portal.

If you integrate with, you can also select countries other than the United States or Canada as the address for the risk address or payment method. See the documentation on the address-country-list advanced setting for more information.