Add policy renewal term – policy number

Britecore provides an advanced setting, append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers, that quickly shows you the number of times a policy has been renewed. The system identifies the number of renewals by adding a two-digit suffix—a term number—beginning with -00 to the end of policy numbers.

This enhanced policy numbering scheme allows you to search based on any part of the policy number.

Sample Numbering Format

With the setting enabled, a suffix appends policy numbers in the following manner:

New Quote NumberXXYY0011100 – 00
New Quote Number based on a renewalXXYY0011100 – 01

When a quote becomes a policy the suffix of -00 is added to the end of the Policy Number. When the policy renews, the -00 is updated to -01.

To request the new quote numbering feature:

Claims Support for Policy Renewal Term Numbers

Claims supports the policy number suffix setting by referring to the policy number that accurately identifies the policy term during which the claim occurred. The policy number for the term during which the loss occurred will display as the Policy ID in the claim. For example, in the first term of a policy, the policy number might be A-00, and in the second term, the number would be A-01. If a loss occurred during the first term of the policy, the claim will refer to the first term of the policy and the policy number A-00 will display on the claim. If you file a claim on policy A-01 but the loss occurred during the first term, the policy number will automatically be updated to A-00.