Add Vendors/Others

You can add parties to the Vendors / Other section on the Parties screen. Vendors are parties that are associated with the claim either as an associated party or as part of the claim, such as other contacts on the policy. Others is a catch-all for parties that are added and the desired role isn’t available on the menu.

To add parties to the Vendors / Others section:

  1. Access the claim you want to add the party to.
  2. Select the Parties tab.
  3. In the Vendors / Other section, select the + Add Vendor / Other button. A menu of roles will appear.
    Figure 1: Example of the menu that opens when you select + Add Vendor / Other.
  4. Select the role of the party you’re adding. The Add <Role Title> dialog box will open.
    Figure 2: Example of the Add <Role Title> dialog box. In this image, the role Auto Body Repair was selected, so the dialog box appears as Add Auto Body Repair.
  5. In the Add <Role Title> dialog box, you can search for an existing contact or add the new contact as a party.

Usage considerations

When you add a party to the Vendors / Others section, you have the option to add them as Associated Parties in the Involved and Associated Parties section.