Add a mortgagee

An organization that provides a loan to a borrower to purchase property is a mortgagee. The mortgagee holds a vested interest in the property covered by insurance.

Note: You can add a mortgagee in Contacts, Policies, and Claims.

To add a mortgagee:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Contacts.
  2. On the Contacts screen, in the Search box, type the name of the applicable contact, and then select Go.
  3. In the results list, select the appropriate contact.
  4. On the Information screen, in the Role section, select Add a Role.
  5. In the Role dialog box, n the Role dropdown list, select Mortgagee, and then select Done.
  6. Below the Role dropdown list, select Save. BriteCore will confirm the save.
  7. If the mortgagee will receive payments electronically, select Issue payments to me electronically.
  8. In the Financial Account dropdown list, select the financial account of the mortgagee where payments will be deposited. If –No Payment Method Selected!– is the only option, you must first add payment information for the mortgagee. See Payments for more information.

    Note: To select an account from the Financial Account dropdown list, you must first select Issue payments electronically to me.

  9. In the Mortgagee Statement dropdown list, select one of the statements to be the default declaration language.
  10. When finished adding information, select Save. BriteCore will confirm the save.

    Note: If you select Cancel, BriteCore won’t save the entered information.

Usage considerations

In the Policies table, you can view all policies that identify the contact as the mortgagee. When you select a policy from the Policies table, BriteCore will direct you to Revisions.