Add a payment method

If your provider allows, you can add and remove payment methods on the Policyholder portal. Saving a payment method allows you to stay current on your policy dues. To make payments, you must first set up a payment method.

To add a payment method:

  1. Access the My Payments screen.
  2. Under Payment Methods, select Add Payment Method.
  3. To add a bank account:
    1. Type your bank name in the  Bank Name box.
    2. Type your routing number in the Routing Number box.
    3. Type your account number Account Number box.
    4. Type the name of the account holder in the  Name on the Account box.
    5. Select your Account Type from the dropdown list. The options are:
      • Personal Checking
      • Personal Savings
      • Personal Loan
      • Business Checking
      • Business Savings
      • Business Loan
    6. Select Save payment method.
  4. To add a credit card:
    1. Select the Credit Card button.
    2. Type the Credit Card Number.
    3. Type the Full Name as it Appears on Card.
    4. Select the <expiration> Month and Year from the dropdown lists.
    5. Type the security code in the  Sec. Code box.
    6. Select Save Payment Method.

Your new payment method will display under the Existing Payment Methods list in the My Payments screen.