Add an attorney

An attorney is an individual or organization named in a claim as a defendant or plaintiff attorney. The attorney doesn’t have access to BriteCore modules. You can add an attorney in the Contacts and Claims modules. To add an attorney in the Claims module, see Add a Defendant Attorney – Claims or Add a Plaintiff Attorney – Claims.

To add an attorney, open the desired contact and:

  1. In the Role section, select Add a Role to open the Role dialog box.
  2. In the Role dropdown list, select Attorney.
  3. Select Done to close the dialog box and return to the Role section.
  4. Select Save beneath the Role dropdown list. A Save Completed pop-up window will open.
  5. Check the Issue payments to me electronically. checkbox if the attorney will receive electronic payments.
  6. In the Financial Account dropdown list, select the account in which payments should be deposited. If the only option is –No Payment Method Selected!–, you will first need to add a payment method to the contact. See Add a payment method.
  7. In the Vendor Number box, type the attorney’s vendor number.
  8. When finished entering information, select Save. A Save Completed pop-up window will open. If you select Cancel, BriteCore won’t save the entered information.