Add and remove parties from the Details screen on the claim file

Within a claim file, you can add and remove parties in the Details, Injuries, Vehicles, and Damaged Properties screens in addition to the Parties screen of the claim file. Within the Details screen, you can only add and remove parties that have the reporter role.

To add a reporter to the Details screen:

  1. Select the + Add Reporter button. A menu of potential reporters will appear, based on parties associated with the claim.
    Figure 1: The + Add Reporter button on the Details screen.
  2. If the reporter isn’t listed on the menu, select Add New Party, and continue to step 3. If the reporter is listed in the menu, select the name of the reporter from the menu. The Reported By section will populate with the selected name. You have successfully added the reporter.
  3. See Add new contact as a party – Individual or Add new contact as a party – Organization. Follow the instructions to successfully add a party as the reporter.

To remove a reporter from the Details screen:

  1. Select the X that appears next to the name in the Reported By section.
    Figure 2: The X next to the name in the Reported By section.

    A pop-up window will open asking:

    Are you sure you want to remove <Party Name> from role of Reporter?

  2.  Select Yes to remove the party. If you select Cancel you will return to the Details screen without removing the party.

Usage consideration

When you add a party in the Reporter role on the Details screen of the claim file, the party will appear in the Parties screen with the role of Reporter. When you remove a party from the Reporter role, the role Reporter will be removed from the party in the Parties screen, but the party will remain in the Parties screen. If the Reporter has no other roles it will appear in the Vendor/Other section.