Add images and captions in WordPress

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Note: These instructions apply only to the captioning of images on the BriteCore help site. WordPress’s Classic Editor was used for the below steps.

Using WordPress tools to add images to posts, as opposed to copy/paste, results in a more uniform look. Sometimes image captions appear far away from the bottom of an image due to the amount of white space in the image, or spacing factors. Some of you also commented it results in higher image quality at times.

  1. In a post, select Add Media.

Figure 1: Add media button.
  1. Select Upload Files.

Figure 2: Upload files tab on the Add media screen.
  1. You can drag files from Finder into the screen or select Select Files to open Finder.

Figure 3: Drag files to upload and Select Files options.
  1. Navigate to and select image(s). Select Open.

  2. After a moment, your image(s) will appear in the Media Library.

Figure 4: Media Library with uploaded image.

Note: In lieu of steps 1-5, you can also drag an image from Finder straight into the Visual editor. WordPress will automatically redirect you to the Add Media screen.

  1. Select an image. You can select more than one image using the Command key.

  1. Select Insert into post. The image will appear in the Visual editor. To make changes to an image, select the image to display editing options, and select Edit (pencil icon).

Figure 5: Insert into post button.
Figure 6: Selected image with editing options displayed.
  1. The Image Details dialog box will appear. Enter the caption for the image in the Caption box. You can also set alignment, size, and link options under Display Settings.

Figure 7: Image Details dialog box.
  1. Select Update at the lower-right corner of the screen. You will return to the Visual editor.

  2. Bold the appropriate parts of the caption text per our style. See LINK:::IMAGES::: for guidance on formatting and referencing captions.

Table of Contents