Add premium finance companies to policies

A premium finance company pays for the premium on the policy and then bills the named insureds for the loan.

For more information about removing premium finance companies, see Remove contacts from policies. To add a new premium finance company, see Add a premium finance company. To edit a contact’s information, see Edit contact information.

To add a premium finance company contact to a policy:

  1. Select Policies.
  2. On the Policies List screen, select a policy number to open a policy.
  3. If the policy doesn’t have an open revision, create a new revision.
  4. In the Premium Finance Company subsection, select the green plus (+) icon. The Name box will display.
  5. In the Name box, type the name of the contact you want to add. A dropdown list of suggested existing contacts will appear.
    1. If you want to add a contact that already exists, select the contact from the dropdown list of suggested contacts.
    2. If the contact you want to add isn’t in the list of suggested existing contacts, first check the spelling to ensure you don’t add a duplicate contact. If you still don’t see the contact you want to add, press the Enter/Return key to open the New Contact dialog box. See Complete the New Contact dialog box for an organization for more information.
  6. To add additional contacts, repeat steps 4-5.
  7. Commit the revision.