Additional Drivers

With the Additional Drivers feature, you can now add additional drivers as contacts on specific policy types. When you add contacts with the role Additional Driver to a policy, you can pull MVRs for any driver listed on the policy, even if the additional driver isn’t the named insured.

When this feature is enabled:

  • The Additional Drivers section will appear on the Contacts tab of the Quote flow.
  • The + Add an Additional Driver button will appear in the Additional Drivers section.
  • An Additional Driver screen will open when you select + Add an Additional Driver.
  • When you save the contact information in the Additional Driver screen, BriteCore will save the contact in the Contacts module with the role Driver.
  • You can pull MVRs for additional drivers, by selecting the Get Motor Vehicle Report button in the Motor Vehicle Report section.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Modules > Agent Portal > Quote Wizard Settings > New Quote Flow and change the setting {policy_contacts.form.add_additional_drivers”: {“enabled”:false}, from false to true. To enable this feature for the Quote wizard, you need to change this setting in the Default Flow section. To enable this feature for the Endorsement wizard, you need to change this setting in the Default Flow (Endorsement) and Default Flow sections.

The Additional Driver feature is available for clients who are on BriteCore’s master branch, who use ISO MVR in Settings > Vendors, who use the Quote wizard, and who want to track additional drivers.

Note: In the Provider Administrator portal, the Additional Drivers field will appear as an empty field on the policy types where the feature is disabled.

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