Manage cancellations for converted policies

When a client transitions to BriteCore, renewals may be converted one month at a time. During that period, clients will have policies expiring in their legacy system and renewing into BriteCore. On occasion, clients may need to either cancel or issue a cancellation notice on a policy that’s in the transition phase.

BriteCore provides the ability for you to accurately manage and record policies from your legacy system in BriteCore. You can:

  • Cancel an uncommitted policy.
  • Cancel a committed policy.
  • Cancel a non-renewed policy.

Cancel an uncommitted policy

If a policy is converted from your legacy system to BriteCore, is uncommitted, and it needs to be canceled:

  1. Issue the cancellation in your legacy system.
  2. In BriteCore, access the uncommitted policy and change the policy status to Rejected.

    Note: If an X appears next to the uncommitted policy on the Policy Search screen, don’t select the X; this will permanently delete or archive the policy.

Reinstate a canceled uncommitted policy

To reinstate the canceled uncommitted policy or the policy with the Rejected status:

  1. In BriteCore, locate the policy you want to reinstate with the Rejected status.
  2. Change the policy status to Active.
  3. Commit the policy.

Cancel a committed policy

You may need to cancel a committed policy that was recently converted to BriteCore.

To cancel a committed policy:

  1. Issue the cancellation in your legacy system.
  2. On the Policy Search screen in BriteCore, locate and access the policy you want to cancel.
  3. In the policy header, select Cancel Policy. The Cancel Policy dialog box will display.
  4. From the Cancel When dropdown list, select Effective Date (Flat Cancel).
  5. From the Cancellation Reason dropdown list, select the reason for cancellation.
  6. Complete the Print Description and Additional Description boxes.
  7. Select OK.

Manage policy deliverables

When a committed policy is canceled, you will need to manage its policy deliverables.

If no policy deliverables have been sent, then you will need to change the Print State of the policy deliverables to Do Not Print.

  1. From within the policy, select Attachments.
  2. In Attachments, navigate to a policy deliverable. You may need to open folders and subfolders to access the deliverable.
  3. Select the row of the deliverable. Action buttons will appear above the list of deliverables.
  4. Select Print State. The Edit Print State dialog box will display.
  5. From the Edit Print State dropdown list select, Do Not Print or Email.
  6. Select OK.

If the declaration and invoice have already been mailed, but the policy effective date is in the future, issue the necessary cancellation paperwork.

Archive a canceled policy

If the canceled policy won’t be reinstated, you can archive it. When you archive a policy, it won’t be counted among the cancellation numbers, such as MCAS. You won’t be able to search for the archived policy on the Policy Search screen. If you use InsVista, don’t archive a policy until after the InsVista notice is sent.

Note: If a policy is archived by accident, you can unarchive that policy using the Unarchive Records support tool.

To archive a canceled policy:

  1. Access the canceled policy.
  2. In the policy header, select Archive Policy. A Confirm pop-up window will display the following message:

    This policy contains one or more committed revisions. Are you certain you want to archive it?

  3. Select Yes to archive.

Cancel a non-renewed policy

If a policy is non-renewed in your legacy system, you can cancel it in BriteCore.

Retain the data for future use

If the policy isn’t committed in BriteCore, follow the instructions in the Cancel an uncommitted policy section. If the policy is committed in BriteCore, follow the instructions in the Cancel a committed policy section.

Delete the data permanently

After the policy has been canceled, you can choose to archive it. Before you archive a policy, verify that this is the correct action. Once the policy is archived, data can’t be retrieved and you can’t search for or access the policy from the Policy Search screen. To archive a policy, follow the instructions in the Archive a canceled policy section.