Advanced Search Tips

Link, pop-up window


The Advanced Search Tips link displays search help tips in a pop-up window to assist users in efficiently searching for policies.


The Advanced Search Tips link appears on the Policies search screen.

Field default

By default, Advanced Search Tips presents as a link.

Figure 1: The Advanced Search Tips link.

Change the default

When you select the Advanced Search Tips link, a pop-up window displays search help tips. Select OK or the X to close the pop-up window and return to the Policies search screen.

Figure 2: The Search Help pop-up window.

Usage considerations

The Advanced Search Tips link and pop-up window behave the same in the Provider Administrator and Agent portals. The advanced setting enable-new-policy-search must be set to True for the link to appear as Advanced Search Tips. If the advanced setting enable-new-policy-search is set to False, the link appears as Help. Enabling and disabling the enable-new-policy-search doesn’t affect the behavior and information provided in the pop-up window.

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