Agent portal module-specific settings overview

In BriteCore, the Agent portal has the following module-specific settings sections:

  • Payment
    • No Payment
    • The first installment of the chosen billing schedule
    • XX% of the term premium plus any initial fees
    • $x.xx flat fee
    • Allow manual payment override for initial downpayment. (Reason required for submission)
    • Allow the insured to pay more than the initial downpayment on submission
    • Do not require an initial downpayment if application is submitted unbound
    • Do not require an initial downpayment when a policy is mortgagee billed
    • Link to a form for the Agent/Insured to fill out in order to enroll in automated payments
  • Binding Authority
    • Allow Bound Applications
    • Default Applications to Bound
    • Do not allow applications to be written/submitted with an effective date more than XX days in the past
    • Do not allow applications to be written/submitted with an effective date more than XX days in the future
  • Options
    • Remove “No Answer Provided” from Application
    • Allow Custom term lengths in BriteQuote
    • Allow electronic submissions of BriteQuote applications
    • Do not name property by address
    • Allow property valuations only on applications
    • Only display printed deliverables in Policies and Claims ‘Documents’ page
    • Display ‘To Be Determined’ Declarations
    • Restrict credit scoring to select Policy Types
    • Allow agents/agencies to create certain deliverables
    • Prevent auto switching quotes to a new lines effective date upon policy effective date change
  • Terms
    • Set the term length for each policy type
  • BriteQuote Suspensions
    • Set up BriteQuote Suspensions
  • Agent Dashboard text
    • Customize the text agents see when they log in to BriteCore.

To access the Agent portal module-specific settings sections:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Settings.
  2. In the Settings menu, select Modules, and then select Agent Portal.
  3. On the Agent Portal screen, you will see all of the module-specific settings for the Agent portal.