Allow commit revision at old led



With the Policies advanced setting allow-commit-revision-at-old-led, you can allow a user to commit a policy revision with a line’s effective date older than the current line’s effective date.


This setting requires a True or False value.

Setting default

By default, allow-commit-revision-at-old-led is set to False. When false, the setting prevents committed revisions on prior lines’ effective dates. BriteCore will display an error when a user attempts a committed revision on an older line’s effective date. The user will need to reselect the policy type with the most current line’s effective date to proceed with committing the revision.

Change the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for the setting name using the Search for a Setting box. In the allow-commit-revision-at-old-led box, change the toggle to True.

Adoption considerations

When the advanced setting allow-commit-revision-at-old-led is set to True, users attempting to commit a policy revision for an older lines effective date will encounter a Confirm dialog box. Within the dialog box, users can choose to proceed with the commit by selecting OK, or they may Cancel and reselect the policy type before committing.