Allow deliverables creation



With the allow-deliverables-creation advanced setting in the BriteQuote section, agents can create and print the Insured Scoring Notification prior to submitting the application through Create Custom Deliverable, which populates in the application’s Attachments tab.


This setting requires a True/False toggle button.

Setting default

This setting’s default value is False, so agents can view custom deliverables but can’t create them.

Change the default

Changing allow-deliverables-creation to True triggers BriteCore to allow agents to create and print the Insured Scoring Notification prior to submitting the application.

Agents can create a custom deliverable during quoting by completing the following steps:

  1. In BriteCore, select New Quote.
  2. In the new quote, navigate to the Insureds tab.
  3. To enter the insured’s name, complete one of the following steps:
    • For a new contact, complete the New Contact dialog box, and then select Done.
    • For an existing contact, use the Did You Know dialog box to select the contact you want to add.
  4. On the Policy tab, in the Select State or Province dropdown list, select the policy’s state or province.
  5. Select the specific policy type you want to apply, and then select Save.

    Note: These are the minimum required steps before you can print a custom deliverable. You can complete the Policy Term and Underwriting Questions sections after printing the deliverables.

  6. On the Attachments tab, select Create Custom Deliverable.
  7. In the Custom Deliverable dialog box, select Insurance Scoring Notification, and then select Done.

    Note: To preview the custom deliverable, select Preview.

  8. In the Required Input dialog box, in the Insured dropdown list, select the insured’s name, and then select OK.

    Note: The folder may take a few seconds to appear.

  9. Next to Insurance Scoring Notification, select the folder icon.
  10. Next to [Today’s Date] – Insurance Scoring Notification, select the folder icon.
  11. Once a link populates, select the link to open the Insurance Scoring Notification in a new browser tab.

Adoption Considerations

The Allow agents/agencies to create certain deliverables setting on the Agent Portal screen (Settings > Modules > Agent Portal) and the Allow agents/agencies to generate this deliverable in BriteQuote setting in Custom Deliverables (Settings > Deliverables > Custom Deliverables) must be checked to use allow-deliverables-creation. Once you select these settings, Create Custom Deliverable appears in the quote or application’s Attachments tab.

Note: To avoid triggering error messages when you create custom deliverables during quoting, complete as much of the quote or application as possible. Required data includes policy type, contact information (social security number), and the underwriting questions.