Append policy term suffix to quote numbers



When enabled, the append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers advanced setting adds a policy term suffix to a policy number. The suffix indicates the term of the policy, beginning with -00 and increasing incrementally. For example, if policy P-2021-01 is in its first term and append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers is enabled, the policy number will read P-2021-01-00. When that policy renews, the policy number will be P-2021-01-01. The policy term suffix allows you to quickly identify the number of times a policy has been renewed. You can search for a policy using any part of the policy number.


This setting requires True and False buttons.

Setting default

By default, append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers is set to False, so the policy term suffix isn’t added to policy numbers.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced. In the Search for a Setting box, type append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers and press Enter/Return on your keyboard or select Search. Navigate to the setting and change the setting from False to True. BriteCore will now include the policy term suffix to policy numbers.

To use this policy term suffix, clients should submit a Support ticket to BriteCore. In addition to enabling the advanced setting, this policy term suffix must be set up in the database.

Note: When this advanced setting is enabled, the policy term suffix will be added in accordance with information in the database. If information is missing, such as the format expression, BriteCore will be prevented from adding the policy term suffix to policies.

Adoption considerations

Policies and renewals must be committed for BriteCore to apply the policy number with policy term suffix.

The append-policy-term-suffix-to-quote-numbers advanced setting also works with Claims. When a claim is filed against a policy that uses this suffix, the claim will refer to the policy term that accurately identifies the policy term when the loss occurred. The policy number for the term during which the loss occurred will display as the Policy ID in the claim.