Archive or delete a revision

Clients can archive or delete revisions. A tool exists to archive or delete revisions from the interface, access to which should be limited to the client’s project lead.

General information

  • Already archived and open revisions won’t have an Archive Revision button.
  • The policy must have at least one active effective date revision. It can neither be archived nor deleted.
  • Deleting a revision doesn’t remove it from the system, it sets revisions.deleted=1 and revisions.revisionState=’archived’
  • Deleting an open revision with a same-day pending revision will move the earlier pending revision back to committed.
  • Deleting a revision with an associated payment will move the payment to a prior revision. Archiving a revision, however, will retain the payment reference.

Process the archival or deletion

  1. Notate the policy number.
  2. Select your user icon at the top-right of the screen.
  3. Select Resources, and then select Support Tools.
  4. Navigate to Archive Revisions in the Policies section.
  5. On the Archive Revisions screen, in the Policy Number box, type the policy number, and then press Enter/Return on your keyboard or select Find Revisions.
  6. All revisions for the policy will be listed.
    1. Select Archive Revision to archive the revision, which means its data will still be referenced in reports.
    2. Select Delete Revision to mark the revision as deleted, which means its data will be excluded from reports. In other words, a deleted revision is one that should have never occurred.