Step 4 – Assign a claims supervisor

In the Provider Administrator portal, you can assign a claims supervisor to the claim. If the claims supervisor you assign isn’t an existing BriteCore contact, you will need to first add the contact. You can add a claims supervisor in both the Claims and Contacts module. To add a claims supervisor in the Contacts module, see Add a claims supervisor.

To add a claims supervisor, open the desired claim and:

  1. Select Contacts in the claim’s menu.
  2. Navigate to the Name box in the Supervisor section.
    Figure 1: The Supervisor section of the Contacts screen.
  3. In the Name box, type the name of the claims supervisor.
    • If the claims supervisor already exists in BriteCore, their name will appear in a dropdown list as you type. Select the correct name. BriteCore will automatically populate the contact information into the Supervisor section.
    • If the contact doesn’t exist in BriteCore, when you type their name and press Enter/Return on your keyboard. The New Contact dialog box will open. See Complete the New Contact dialog box for an individual to add the new claims supervisor.
  4. To add an additional supervisor, select the + Add a Supervisor button, and repeat step 3.

Usage considerations

The Claims advanced setting claims_email_adjuster_supervisor_when_added can trigger BriteCore to automatically send an email to the claim supervisor when added to a claim. When claims_email_adjuster_supervisor_when_added is set to True, BriteCore will automatically send an email.

To view the claims supervisor’s contact information, select the blue person icon next to the claims supervisor’s name. BriteCore will direct you to that contact’s Information screen in the Contacts module.