Assign adjusters

You can associate a specific adjuster with a county. When associated, BriteCore will automatically assign the adjuster to claims filed in the associated county. If you don’t associate an adjuster with a county, you will need to manually add adjusters to claims.

To associate an adjuster with a county:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Modules > Claims > Assign Adjusters.
  2. From the Assign Adjusters dropdown list, select the state in which an adjuster will be assigned. A table will display beneath the selected state. In the table, you will see the County Codes and Adjusters columns.
  3. Navigate to the dropdown in the Adjusters column for the county you want to associate an adjuster with.
  4. From the dropdown list, select the adjuster you want to associate with the county.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.
  6. Select Save.

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