Assign roles to System Access Permissions

In BriteAccess, administrators can assign roles to System Access Permissions.

To assign roles to System Access Permissions:

  1. In the BriteCore menu, select Access.
  2. On the Roles screen, in the Access menu, select System Permissions.
  3. On the System Access Permissions screen, in the Permissions list, navigate to and select the permission you want to assign roles to.

    Tip: Use the Search bar to quickly locate the permissions you want to select.

  4. On the permission’s Code Editor screen, select Continue to Commit.
  5. On the Assign Roles screen, in the Roles list, navigate to and select the roles you want to add to the permission.
  6. Once you have selected the roles you want to add to the permission, at the bottom of the Roles list, select Add Selected Roles to List. The selected roles appear under Selected Roles.
  7. Once you have finished adding roles, select Continue to Commit.
  8. On the Review Access Permission screen, review the Assigned Roles section, and if everything is correct, select Commit Permission.

You have successfully assigned roles to a System Access Permission.