Asynchronous revisions

Feature Summary

With the new Asynchronous revisions feature, users who process renewal revisions can process a manual renewal revision as a background job, and agents who use a client that applies the New Business API will process new business as a background job. The ability to process renewal revisions and new business in the background saves users time by allowing them to complete other tasks while waiting on a job to finish processing. This feature includes:

  • A core functionality change that allows users to process manual renewal revisions in the background.
  • A New Business API that allows users to process new business in the background.

Manual renewal revision

When a user, such as an administrator or underwriter, creates a manual renewal revision, a Confirm pop-up window will open with the following message:

Creating a renewal can sometimes take longer than expected. Because of this you have the option to create this renewal in the background and receive an email when complete or you can choose to wait on the page until the process is complete. If you would like to process the renewal in the background click yes.

The user can select No or Yes. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: The Confirm pop-up window that will now open when you create a renewal revision.
  • If the user selects No, the renewal revision will be created with a loading screen, as usual.
  • If the user selects Yes, the renewal revision will be created in the background (asynchronously).

When a renewal revision is created asynchronously, the user can navigate away from the screen to process other tasks, and the chance of a system timeout error reduces. When a user chooses to create a renewal revision asynchronously, a pop-up window will appear on the screen of the policy that the renewal revision is being processed on. The pop-up window displays the following message:

There is a revision process running in the background. You’ll be notified when it finishes. Until it does, all operations on the current policy are blocked!

When the renewal revision is created, the policy will automatically refresh with the pending revision; see Figure 2. When the renewal revision is complete, an email will be sent to notify the user that the renewal revision is complete.

Figure 2: Pending will automatically appear on a policy when you create a renewal revision.

New business API

When a user submits a quote using the New Business API, the user will automatically receive the quote number and policy ID, instead of having to wait for the new business to process. The new business will process in the background to reduce timeout errors, which allows the user to navigate from the screen to complete other tasks until the new business is processed.


The Asynchronous revisions feature includes the following changes:

  • A core functionality change, which impacts manual renewal revisions. This core functionality change impacts all clients on the master branch. No configuration is required.
  • The creation of a New Business API, which the client can choose to use. This change impacts clients who choose to use the New Business API.

    Note: The New Business API is compatible with the create_quote endpoint, not the create_quote_extended endpoint.

Usage considerations

Manual revisions/renewals

  • One revision can process at a time, so when processing a manual renewal revision in the background, you can’t attempt a new revision. If you attempt to process a new revision while another is processing in the background, an Error message will display and state the following:

Cannot create new revisions because another revision is being processed in the background.

  • While processing a manual renewal revision on a policy, that policy will be temporarily blocked and you won’t be able to complete other tasks on that policy until the renewal revision is complete.
  • The Asynchronous revisions feature doesn’t apply to automatic renewals.

New business API

  • To process new business asynchronously, the client must use the New Business API.
  • When using the New Business API, the screen must be refreshed/reloaded to see the new business data.


If you have questions about Asynchronous revisions, please contact your customer services representative or BriteCore support team.