Automate Agency Experience Report emails

The Agency Experience Report can automatically email all or specific selected agencies their own personal Agency Experience Report in PDF or .zip format in Attachments.

All agencies that have elected to receive commission statements electronically will receive their Agency Experience Report PDF. This is based on each agency’s email settings in the Contacts module. The Send Commission Statement Electronically option must be enabled.

Enable electronic commission statements

  1. Navigate to the Contacts module.
  2. Search for and open the desired agency contact.
  3. On the Information screen, navigate to the Role section.
  4. Under Role, navigate to the Notices section, and then select Send Commission Statement Electronically. See Figure 1. Be sure to select an email from the Email Address to Use dropdown.
Figure 1: Notices section under Role on the Information screen in the Contacts module.

Enable automatic emailing of the report

To enable automatic emailing of the Agency Experience PDF to eligible agencies, you must first enable a setting.

  1. Navigate to the Reports module.
  2. Navigate to and select Agency Experience in the Agency section. 
  3. In the Agency Experience dialog box, select the option Select to automatically email all agencies their individual Agency Experience PDF. See Figure 2.
  4. Select Run Report. The system will automatically email agencies the Agency Experience Report PDF.
Figure 2: Agency Experience dialog box with the Select to automatically email all agencies their individual Agency Experience PDF option selected.

Configure specific agencies to receive the report

To configure specific agencies to receive the report, and the email used for each agency:

  1. Select Manage Recipients in the Agency Experience dialog box (see Figure 2 above).
  2. The Select agencies dialog box will display. Select the agencies that should receive the report PDF and edit any email addresses in the Email column, if necessary. 
    1. Note: You can only edit the email information if the agency is selected.
  3. Select Save Report to commit your selections and edits.
  4. To email the configured agencies, select the Select to email Configured agencies via Manage Recipients, their Agency Experience PDFs option in the Agency Experience dialog box (see Figure 2 above).
  5. Run the report. The selected agencies will be emailed their Agency Experience Report PDF automatically.