Automatically fill loss cause



With the automatically-fill-loss-cause advanced setting, you can enable or disable the ability to automatically fill the Loss Cause section with the peril attached to the CAT, when you add a CAT to a claim.


This setting requires True and False buttons.

Setting default

By default, the automatically-fill-loss-cause advanced setting is set to True, so when a CAT is added to a loss, the perils associated with that CAT automatically populate in the Loss Cause section.

Changing the default

To change the default, navigate to Settings > Advanced and search for automatically-fill-loss-cause. Change the setting to False. When the setting is set to False, the perils associated with a CAT won’t populate in the Loss Cause section when a CAT is added to a claim.

Adoption considerations

This setting doesn’t conflict with other settings.

When the allow-cat-auto-assign setting is set to True, CATs will automatically be assigned to a claim when the loss occurs in the timeframe that a CAT occurred.

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