Batch Printing

In BriteCore, you can set up batch printing.

Batch printing setup

  • Each night, a new process called create_mailings runs additional processing on the set of documents to be printed. This process runs get_to_be_printed, indexes each document, and sends each individual’s set of policy documents to the newly created PaperPusher service for merging.
    • The integration with PaperPusher is configured like a vendor in vendors.title=’PaperPusher’. It is enabled for all sites but does not appear on the interface. Also, it is only referenced if the merge_docs_by_recipient_and_pol setting is set to 1. Finally, configuration changes can be done manually by modifying vendors.customData, but generally changes will be managed through code.
  • All individual deliverables of the merged document, including forms and merge order, are recorded in the composite_file_components database table
  • The code is in lib/core/uploads and classifiers are defined in get_batch_classifiers


In the configuration, classifiers may or may not be called

Example: certified_mail and certified_mail() are both valid.

The processing will implicitly ensure any classifier that is not actually called gets called.


Within the settings section of the shell is a tool called try_print_batching_conditions, which catches any conditions that cannot be evaluated.


SELECT, files.title, IFNULL(x_files.printState, files.printState) componentPrintState, 
order FROM composite_file_components JOIN files ON = composite_file_components.componentFileId 
LEFT JOIN x_files ON = composite_file_components.componentXFileId 
WHERE composite_file_components.compositeFileId = 'UUID' ORDER BY composite_file_components.order

Technical Information

Since Titanium Blizzard is a Microsoft ClickOnce application, it runs in the user space without requiring administrative rights, which means the application is highly portable and non-invasive.

Table 1: ClickOnce application specifications.

Type of DeploymentClickOnce
NET Version4.5
Windowing LibraryWPF
Minimum Windows VersionWindows 7, Windows Server 2008
Minimum Processor1 Ghz, 32-bit, Intel-x86-Compatible Processor*
Minimum RAM1 GB*
Minimum Screen Resolution1024×768
Printers SupportedAny Windows printer via direct connection or a network interface**

*Rough requirements. Actual performance will vary by machine or virtual machine host.
**If you can manually print to the printer through Windows and the document comes out the way you intended without needing to select print dialog options, it should work with Titanium Blizzard. We do not guarantee compatibility with all printers. Testing the connection is essential.

Outside the scope of BriteCore Support

The following issues are outside BriteCore’s control and will need to be resolved with your IT team:

  • Printer drivers.
  • Windows printer configuration: BriteCore can help set up working Windows printer drivers inside of Titanium Blizzard. However, the printer driver must already be installed and working in the Windows environment to set up Titanium Blizzard successfully.
  • Network and internet issues.
  • Antivirus and firewall issues.
  • General computer problems: If Titanium Blizzard works on one computer but not another, BriteCore may not be able to troubleshoot the issue. To resolve the issue, you can either move Titanium Blizzard to another machine or contact your IT vendor to repair the computer in question.
  • Windows Domain configuration.


The code is stored in the Titanium-Blizzard repo.

Note: You must have a login to access this repo, which is for BriteCore and client engineers.