Billing: Factor installments by payment method

Release Date: September 2021

You now can factor billing schedule installments by the payment method used on a policy. Billing schedule installment factors can be configured differently based on a policy’s payment method setup.

Example: If a credit card is used for the initial payment method instead of a cash payment method, a monthly billing schedule can be configured to invoice a larger or smaller amount of premium in the first installment.

Figure 1: Configure installments by payment method.


  • For each billing schedule, you can configure the Factor of Total Premium Due per payment method. 
  • In the Installment section, you can configure the installment fee for the cash payment method. 

Note: Unless specifically configured within the billing schedule, the installment fees configured for the cash payment method will also be used as the default installment fee for each ACH or Credit Card payment method. 

Figure 2: The Edit Billing Schedule dialog box.
  • Installments will be generated based on the payment method selected for the initial bill.
Figure 3: Select the appropriate Payment Method for the initial bill.

  • If the initial bill isn’t selected as different, the recurring payment method will be referenced for the installment factors used in building and regenerating installments.
Figure 4: Select the appropriate payment method for recurring billing.


Factoring installments based on payment method allows clients to incentivize insureds to use desired payment methods.


To configure billing schedule installment factors by payment, see Factor installments by payment method.


  • A client’s current factors per schedule will automatically populate into each payment method configuration. 
  • If billing schedules are reconfigured per payment method, they require a transaction that would rebuild or regenerate installments to reflect the change. 

Examples that would regenerate installments:

  • Cancellation and reinstatement.
  • Billing schedule change.
  • Premium bearing endorsement.

Note: A payment method change will only automatically update the installment fees based on the payment method, not the rebuild installment factors.