Billing reports

BriteCore offers eight out-of-the-box reports pertaining to billing as summarized in the below table. The reports are accessed in the Reports module. 

Table 1: BriteCore Billing Reports

Title of ReportRecommendedPurpose
Accounting DetailWeekly/MonthlyMaster accounting report for balancing
Aged Accounts ReceivableMonthlyAudit past due balances
Billed Accounts ReceivableMonthlyIdentify accounts that have been billed, are unpaid, but not yet overdue

Provides more information on current outstanding invoices than the aged Accounts Receivable report

Credits on Canceled PoliciesMonthlyIdentify lingering credits
Credits on PoliciesMonthlyIdentify lingering credits on all policies
Invoices Coming DueWeeklyTool to take action prior to non-pay issuance
Write-Offs and WaivesMonthlyRecord of write-offs and waives
Payoff AmountsMonthlyDetermine outstanding payoff amount