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BriteAPI schema and conceptual flow

Asynchronous APIs are defined using the AsyncAPI 2.0.0 specification. This file is analogous to the OpenAPI specification. Synchronous APIs products use OpenAPI 3.0 for planning, documenting, and exposing their API.

Conceptual flow for consuming APIs

Base URL*


JSON:API types

JSON:API types are lowercase, singular, and hyphenated.

  • Best Practice: “type”: “policy”
  • Best Practice: “type”: “quote-revision”

JSON key case

JSON keys should be in snake_case rather than camelCase or PascalCase.

  • Best Practice: {“policy_number”: “12345”}


BriteCore implementations must accept one or more filtering key-value pairs from a request’s query parameters.

Example: filter[key]=value&filter[key2]=value2


Implementations adhere to the following:

  • first: the first page of data
  • last: the last page of data
  • prev: the previous page of data
  • next: the next page of data

API deployment

New API versions are introduced in a product version and installed via BriteDeploy, a service catalog.