BriteApps: New settings and text messaging feature

Release Date: September 2021

BriteApps will soon have a text messaging feature.

Administrator portal


The new Policy Statuses That Disallow Payments setting controls whether users can make payments on specific policy statuses. If a policy status is listed, a user can’t make payments on any policy with the matching status.


To customize the More Pages heading for the customer pages dropdown list, we added a new Custom pages list label content.

EDelivery Approval Screen

You can now sort the E-Delivery Approval screen by the Policy Number column.

Send a text message to a single enrolled user

Carriers can now send text messages to users. To do so, users must first:

  • Agree to Consent to Text on the Set Up Account screen during enrollment or on the Account Setting screen in the app.
  • Register a cell phone number type on their account to receive text messages.

A new Text Message checkbox displays on the Send A Message and Broadcast Message screens. The checkbox does not appear when sending a message to a single user if that user has not agreed to Consent to Text.

Figure 1: Enrolled Users dashboard.

Figure 2: Send a message to a single user.

Send broadcast text messages to more than one enrolled user

A new Text Message option will be added to Broadcast Message screen when the carrier selects Create Broadcast Message from the User Messages dashboard.

Figure 3: Create Broadcast Message.
Figure 4: Send a broadcast message.

Text message dashboard

The Text Messages dashboard allows carriers to view all text message events: 

  • Messages sent to a single user from the Enrolled Users dashboard
  • Messages sent as a broadcast message from the User Messages dashboard
  • SMS messages sent when the user requests a portal code during enrollment or password reset

Select  > and the row will expand to display the detail of the message sent.

The Text Messages dashboard is color-coded to highlight the status of text messages. 

  • Red: Text message delivery failed.   
  • No color: Text message delivery succeeded.
Figure 5: Text Messages dashboard.