BriteApps overview

Our BriteApps team builds mobile and web applications that allow BriteCore to offer customized, integrated, and branded mobile apps to providers.

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BriteCore products

  • The Policyholder portal: Provides self-service functionality to Policyholders. You can enroll in the app, view details of your policies, submit a claim, upload photos, pay bills electronically, enroll in autopay, go paperless, and edit your account and contact information.
  • The Provider Administrator portal: Provides you access to manage E-Delivery documents, settings, and the appearance of the Policyholder portal. 

Policyholder portal features

In the Policyholder portal, you  can:

Provider Administrator portal features

The Provider Administrator portal gives you the tools to manage BriteApps applications.

In the Provider administrator portal, you can:

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