BriteApps: Add a Missing Policy feature and other updates

Add a Missing Policy feature

We updated the Add a Missing Policy feature in both the mobile and web versions. When users add an organization as the contact for the policy, they can select an existing email address or add a new one.

Your Account screen updates (mobile version only)

We updated the Your Account screen to make it consistent with the web version.

  • The Contact Information section header is now Phone Numbers.
  • The Update Contact Information link is now Update Phone Numbers.


Documents link in BriteApps menu (web version)

The Documents link now displays in the left navigation:

  1. Select the Documents link to display a submenu with the location address and policy number.
  2. Select the location link to display the policy document.

Upload Photos feature redesign

The Upload Photos feature is redesigned. Updates include:

  • Users can now upload files through the drag-and-drop or click-to-add methods.
  • Photos display in a carousel for users to scroll through.
  • To select a primary photo, select the star icon in the upper left corner.

Contact screen redesign

The Contact screen is redesigned. Updates include:

  • Company contact information appears on the left.
  • Agent and agency information appears on the right.
  • You can filter by the Policy # dropdown list, which will appear when there is more than one agent/agency contact.
  • The policy number is an active link. Select the link to view the Policies screen.