BriteAuth overview

BriteAuth is a centralized login, authentication, and user management experience designed for ease of use and full integration. BriteAuth maximizes security and increases usability through federated identities and single sign-on (SSO) across your entire application ecosystem.

Note:  In BriteCore, users and contacts  aren’t the same thing. A user is an individual who has a unique login to access and use BriteCore. Users are what BriteAuth manages. If you use BriteCore, you are a user. Contacts refers to entities (people, organizations, family members, etc.) associated with quotes, polices, claims, etc. The Contacts module is where contacts are managed.

User account creation and management


BriteAuth facilitates simplified user account creation and management. You can easily add an unlimited number of users with customizable invitations. From a single location, administrators can enable, disable, and modify user accounts, as well as reset passwords, customize password requirements, and enable/disable multi-factor authentication. Administrators and users can quickly verify phone numbers and email addresses for multi-factor authentication.


Users can set up multi-factor authentication (MFA) and log in via text message or app. BriteAuth users can also change their preferred usernames or aliases, profile pictures, location, time zone, and passwords.

User groups

Users can be organized into logical groups for more efficient searching and management. BriteAuth makes it easy to add and remove users from groups at any time.


BriteAuth makes finding the exact user or user group you’re looking for quick and easy. Status and group filters are designed to help further refine search results.