BriteCore Reports overview

BriteCore provides different reports to meet compliance, regulatory, and business administration requirements. You can pull reports from your data using:

  • Stock reports: BriteCore’s stock reports library includes 30+ out-of-the-box reports to address your reporting needs. Some of the stock reports use SQL queries to pull data from the production database. These reports are hardcoded in the system and require source code modifications to change their output. Some of the stock reports use data sets as a source of data, while others use a mix of both.

Typically, reports that require database access are legacy reports. BriteCore is in the process of converting all legacy reports to use only data sets as data sources.

The stock reports don’t allow you to create custom schedules or exports. You can run stock reports on demand.

  • BriteData: A report runner that allows you to customize an existing report or build your own custom report using a web-based interface. These reports rely on our prepared data sets as their only source of data. With BriteData, you can:
    • Build a new report or customize an existing report using a web-based drag-and-drop user interface, including:
      • Define custom output columns.
      • Choose multiple output formats.
      • Customize a scheduled run of your reports.
      • Customize where to export reports to.
      • Run reports on demand.