BriteCore User Interface (UI) Updates

Phased Release: April 2022

We are excited to announce multiple pages within BriteCore will be updated to retain a consistent look across the site.

Upcoming Changes

  • The following pages will be updated to match the existing BriteCore look!
  • There will be no changes to the functionality of these pages, only a new look.
    • Billing
      • Daily Cash Receipt Page
      • Payment Log
      • Return Premium Queue
      • Commissions Queue
    • Contacts
      • Contacts Page
      • Contact Payment Page
    • Policy
      • Policy Page Tabs
      • Premium Records Page
    • Claims
      • Claims Page Tabs
    • Agent Portal
      • Policy Setup Page Tabs
      • Claim Overview
      • Loss Ratio Report View
      • Commissions
    • Configuration/Administration
      • Policy Processing
      • Claim Peril Configuration
      • Claim Group Configuration
      • Claim CAT Setup
      • Lines Setup Pages
      • Underwriting Question Setup
      • Line Item Deductible Group Page
      • Lines Copy Data Page

How will this impact you?

  • The updated pages will provide users with a more streamlined aesthetic when navigating from page to page. 
  • The update will not impact processes or functionality. The change will purely be visual improvement.
  • An action or setting is not required to enable or disable the new page. When the new page is released, the update will automatically display.

When will the change occur?

The pages will be released periodically over the next month. Keep an eye on the release notes to see the new UI updates as they are released. 

Additional information