BriteCore’s email provider changes

Phased release: 10/25/21 to 11/10/21

BriteCore’s email provider is changing to to Mailgun. We currently send emails using several leading providers. We will consolidate all BriteSuite services to use Mailgun, a market leader, to make use of better economies of scale, to simplify support, and position BriteCore to provide future email enhancements.


While the email provider will be changing on the backend, we don’t anticipate any impact on your services. BriteCore will manage the transition, and there will be no action required on the client side.

Technical changes

  • Emails will come from the IP address: Some emails may come from other Mailgun-owned IPs while we transition all services to Mailgun. 
  • The email headers of X-Entity-ID, X-SG-EID, X-SES-Outgoing, and Feedback-ID will no longer be present.
  • Some or all of the headers Sender, X-Mailgun-Sending-Ip, X-Mailgun-Sid, and X-Mailgun-Tag may be present.
  • Emails will originate from the domain.

New functionality

  • BriteCore staff gains the ability to have a single audit log of all emails in the previous 30 days. This functionality is already in place for BriteCore; however, some BriteSuite services, such as BriteQuote and BriteClaims, don’t have this functionality today.
  • We will use a single dedicated IP address to send emails from. This will make it easier for our clients to know where to expect emails to come from.

When will the changes occur

This change will be incrementally rolled out to the various BriteSuite services starting on October 25, 2021. Changes are anticipated to be complete by November 10, 2021.

Additional information